Vodafone Voxi Launch Event

Had get fun being part of a four-man crew filming all the aerial photos and video for the new Vodafone Sim Card “Voxi”. The event was scheduled at night to showcase the performers using a mixture of lasers, lights and projections onto the surrounding buildings, so with our night permissions in place we headed to the popular Brick Lane Market where filming would take place.

We arrived early to set-up and perform test flights as this would be a one-off performance, and we had only one chance to get the footage required by our clients. The atmosphere was steadily building as the celebrities started arriving and it would soon be time to film.

We filmed continuously alongside another crew of drone pilots with two drones being flown simultaneously to capture the event from different angles. This shoot was very demanding and needed to be planned with precision as we would be filming in very tight conditions at night.

After the event, our footage was immediately viewed and approved by the client and edited, ready for release to the media. We were very proud to be part of this high-profile event.